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Dogs Must Wait Outside!

I once heard the story that when you leave your dog outside a shop waiting for you - they are always scared you might never return to them.

I'm not sure what they really think (how could I?), but so often it looks like this story could be true.

And here is your chance to preview the book and order it.




Faces in Places - The Book of Things that look like Faces*

*Even without a Mustache!

By Stefan Klenke aka itchy i. :))

This is my first book! Ever Ever. So why not checking it out and if you like it then why not making it a brilliant present to someone who you want to put a smile on the face? :)




Pathetic Traffic Cones

This country is by far too full of traffic cones leading a veteran’s life of shame and misery.

Old and injured from fighting for our safety on lethal roads they are now
often forced to spend their last days hiding from the very risks and dangers they once were created to protect us from.

Look at them! Our Heroes have become sad, pathetic shadows of their former
glorious selves - forgotten, dishonoured or left to die in the gutters of the
concrete jungle.

One can only feel sorry for them.