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what is "itchy i"?

Well, as much as i have itchy feet, that make me wanna travel the world or just walk through my neighbourhood, I have an itchy eye that makes me want to see the world. And for me the only way to calm that itchy feeling is to take a photo.

This page gives me the chance to give you an idea about how i see the world around me. I love walking around the streets and snap those little moments that pass by so quickly and no one would have noticed them. 

I love to capture everything that tells something about our today. The people I encounter every day on my way to and from work, weird signs and notes they created, lost and broken objects they chucked on the streets - they all tell us about our society - in a funny and sometimes quite sad way.

i sometimes feel that objects have personalities which you can see if I photograph them in a certain way - like lost gloves or loney shopping trolleys.

In the beginning of 2010 I started taking street photos with my iPhone and the retro-photo application Hipstamatic - which gives them the greenish look. Using a phone instead of a massive SLR camera gave me the unique opportunity to take photos of my environment and the people without interfering with them. No posing - just pure life as it happens in front of all our eyes - everyday - but are often too blind to see. 

I hope you enjoy those collections of my itchy i and maybe discover a different way of seeing the world around you!

Peace and Love and Laugh!


Stefan Klenke


And if you want to see what else i am taking photos of then please check

Ah and if you need a great illustrator drawing you beautiful things like the itchy i monsters (and everything else you can imagine AND things you CAN'T imagine than you need Steffi Storm! -