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The Great Opening Night

How nice it is when you see not only your own work printed up on a wall but also some really lovely people at the same time!?

For me doing an exhibition really reminded me off how seldom we digital photographers actually get to touch our own work. The new age of electronic images caused nearly the total demise of the paper prints. Most of the time photos are solely displayed on- or offline on computer screens - looked at by people who we mostly never meet in flesh. Of course this isn't just a bad thing - as it made it possible to show your work to the whole globe - without investing much more than just a few mouse clicks.

But all the hard work I put in in to set up the Silly City exhibition with the help of some good friends - the creating of a concept, designing the flyers, sending invitations, selecting and putting up the photos, and most importantly talking to the people who came down to see your work or random panters who you would have never met otherwise - all these REAL ingredients made me feel with a sense of pride and achievement no flickr photo album could ever give you.

It cost me many hours of the last months - but it made me so much more richer in incredible experience.

Ah yea, and of course richer in some pounds as well - by selling the lovely itchy i calendars me and the fantastically talented Steffi Storm did.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this invaluable little chapter of the itchy i story. You rock!

Silly City - The itchy i Exhibition

Yes, it is true - I have my first itchy i exhibition coming up in May with some of my beloved Silly City photo projects! Here is the flyer! I hope you will make it to the opening night on the 13th May! It's in a great little gritty off-the-wall venue in Shoreditch London with non-pricey drinks! Photos and Alcohol! What more can you want?

Peace and Laughter!

itchy i / Stefan


13-24 May 2009

Opening Night: 13 May '09 8-11pm

@ The Foundry, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3JL