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A bit of Street Art... 

that put a little smile on my face the other day, cause you don't see much of it in London these days, probably down to CCTV everywhere.

This one below here is quite special - I just found out. It is a Bucket Man. The Bucketmen are collectible stickers - with the signature of the artist on the back. If you find 5 of them - you can exchange them to an original painting from the artist.

Check out

I so gonna go back to where I found this - and pick it up. Brilliant!

The last one here is a bit older which i saw in Camden. It reminds me of the artist called BLU ( But it didnt say who created it.


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Reader Comments (1)

so glad there aare pics of the piece in camden. they have not bulldozed over that wall i think

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterellesbelles

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