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Last ever lo*kee in the Candyfactory

Sunday, 10 May, 2009 marked a historic day. The Candy Factory – the place I used to live in until I was evicted last week - lost the part of its heart that used to make it beat loud and powerful for the last year and a half. lo*kee - the two-weekly Sunday afternoon party was giving their last offering to the electro music lovers.

The lo*kee guys were clearly bullied out of the building by a neighbour who should have moved into a sterile quiet Canary wharf bank office instead of our warehouse - a place which used to thrive through a great easy-going open community, parties and this unique "off-the-wall-you-don't-know-what-hits-you-next"-feeling.

But hey - no regrets - every good story needs a villain. And of course a great finish. And that's exactly what lo*kee had planned for their followers: Finishing with a BIG bang - a 24 hours party bang in this case – midnight to midnight. And although I only managed to stay for the last half of the epic event - I can say it was the perfect way to say Good Bye to the place.

It became obvious once more how successfully the guys established the party in such a short amount of time with one of the best party crowds I have ever had the luck to dance with. Until the first hour of Monday morning – one day after it started - the place was always filled with happy, leg wobbling beautiful souls.

It is sad to see the guys leave the Candy Factory wich gave their parties that homely intimate feeling we all used to love. But I am sure for the amazing hosts it was only the first chapter of many more to come.

So make sure you check out their new venue – which will open only in a few weeks time.
Find out where and when:

One thing is for sure with lo*kee it won't be quiet on the Eastern Front!


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