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itchy i becomes the london i 

A little more than a week ago my friend Ally told me about this iPhone app called Hipstamatic, which mimics old camera lenses and analogue film developing processes. It gives your iPhone images the feel of old-school photographs with all it's odd colour nuances and imperfections.

I instantly fell in love with it - and at the same time I fell in love with Photography - again. I started taking candid photographs of the life and the people around me - on my way to work or when going home, or just wondering around the streets.

Because no one would notice that i take their photos while pretending I m just typing on my phone - I achieve the almost impossible. Photos that in no way interfere with the subject. I photograph reality as it happens. This has been my dream since I started doing street photography.

The new series of images will be called Every Day People. And will be a tribute to London and it's millions of colourful citizens - but also to life in general. The things we love, laugh but also loath sometimes. Because that that's life - in a nutshell - and now also in my photographs.



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Reader Comments (2)

Now if there was ever a reason to buy an iPhone this is it - bloody fantastic Stef, you have some incredible portraits there with a wonderful aesthetic...I know what you mean, as soon as you get your camera out (esp an SLR) you immediately draw attention to yourself and it makes some shots impossible!! It's been pretty tough taking photos in India, I stand out anyway being a Gori but get the camera out bam...the kids (and adults as I've found) are on you: "my picture, my picture!!" and then I get followed and end up taking heaps of kid photos which isnt always what I was after!! I've had to start getting a bit hard nosed and snapping with as little interaction as possible until I'm done then I can play around a little. Take care, Ellie (always feeling compelled to comment on your blog posts!!)

March 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEllie Gibbons

Thanks so much for your feedback Ellie! I m glad you're liking the Hipstamatic action. I can only recommend it. You know for yourself how great it is to be able to capture a moment that is totally not interfeered by the taking of the photo.
Of course you could also build your SLR into your handbag! ;)

Peace and Love!

itchy i

April 5, 2010 | Registered Commenteritchy i

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