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Super creative use of long-exposure Photography


itchy i reader Bob sent me a link to this video. It shows a totally different take on long exposure photography.

In the film they show you a screen that plays a video of seemingly mad pixels making nothing else than a visual noise similar to an un-tuned TV set. But if you take a still camera and take a long exposure of that video you will see that those pixels only SEEMED chaotic. The photograph taken during the length of the whole video reveals that every pixel that appeared - even if it only showed up for a few brackets of a second at a time - was actually part of an image. An image that only became visible to us when the camera "collected" every single pixel of it.

If that doesn't make sense to you - then just watch the video - it's a brilliant new way of showing you the mostly unpredictable marvels of long exposure photography.

Thanks, Bob, for sending me such a great video. Keep 'em coming! :)

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