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Do the right (brain) thing!

Jill Bolte Taylor during her stirring speech which resulted in standing ovations from the audience.I just discovered this unforgettable video of a talk from Brain Scientist Jill Bolte Taylor in which she describes what happened when a massive stroke hit her. I tell you: These are some of the most moving 18 minutes and 41 seconds of speech I watched in my entire life!

In a truly unique presentation I heard the answers to a question I have asked myself for a long time. Why some people seem so creative, sensitive, warmhearted, free-spirited positive beings who want to be in peaceful unity with the universe while others are much more rational, logical, methodical self-centered individuals?

The reasons for that lie within our brains which consist out of two halves with completely different ways of "ticking". The right hemisphere is the free spirit - while the left hemisphere is the rational thinker. And some people are born as Left and some as Right Brainers or as a combination of both.


The two halves couldnt work any more different. Free Spirit versus Logical Thinker. They define who and how we are.The interesting thing about this video is that Jill as a brain scientist had the chance to study on her very own body how the brain works. She vividly describes how she experienced a heavy stroke where an exploded blood vessel in her left brain switched off the logical voice in her. It gave her the most incredible rush of happiness and the feeling that she was one with the universe. She watched as her brain functions like speech, motion, self-awareness shut down one by one.

In a truly mesmerising way she describes how this life-threatening experience made her understand what potentially amazing creatures human beings are and how wonderful our planet could be if we would just listen more often to our right brain.

This is a serious must watch for everyone. Peace and Love! Be a Righty!

Check out for more inspiring informative videos about our universe.

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