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Flash Mob(ile)

I was laughing when I saw this photo. This is a camera setup by photographer Alastair Thain. This guy is a true genius in building his own customised photographic systems.

This one here he uses to drive around in his car at night to shoot people.

He said to the British Journal of Photography: “I fitted a car with a truly epic flash, using huge sine wave converters to generate mains power of 1500W out of lead-acid batteries,” he reveals. “The idea behind it is that I can drive along the streets at night with a large-format camera and capture life [1], because people don’t notice you if you’re in a car. It’s a completely arbitrary process, but the advantage of digital 
is that you can take 10,000 shots and get maybe 50 revealing images.”

I just imagine all these people standing around waiting for the bus in the middle of the night and then this guy turns up and pretty much fries their retinas with that flash mobile.

I only found one image so far that shows how it would look like. I can't wait to see more.

Read here the full article: British Journal of Photography


And visit here his webpage. He's done some super large high res portraits partly with militray and satelite photographic equipment:


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