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Milk that Star Wars Cow!!!

One things is for granted: Not the Force but Star Wars will always be with us - somehow. It is probably one of the biggest fattest media-cows in the known universe and will be milked for generations to come! They'll always come up with something that keeps you hooked or makes you hooked - and spend some of your hard earned on it. 

And you know what? - I love it!

Especially when it is as brillant as the latest offering in form of "Star Wars - A Musical Journey". Hosted by the O2 arena for 2 days only it incorporated the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing some specially compiled music by the master John Williams. It all was visually enriched by emotional video compilations reliving the story and characters and highlights of the 6 movies.

The only low point of the evening was the choise of the narrator who linked the individual segments. Anthony Daniels the guy who played C3P0 - was almost creaming himself over the fact that he was given the chance to present this massive event. I think he just loved himself a little too much - which made him cold and unpleasant. We all agreed he should have been replaced by James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader). Imagine!!!!!!

None the less - despite Daniels - this event was an incredible musical and visual experience. We left singin and humming the famous melodies - and haven't stopped since.

Da da da daaaaaaa da!!!!

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