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Sun Rocker with Sun Blocker!!! First lo*kee in the New Venue!

Man, this will be remembered forever. Some people call it the best party of the year! And it defnit had the crowds raving in the perfect sunshine! lo*kee's new outside venue in an old industrial yard - surrounded by a concrete wall with barbwire (reminded me of the Berlin Wall a bit).

My highlights:

1. When I asked the Ice Cream Van Man if he could play his ice cream van music. And then to hear the masses cheer when that funny sound mixed with the techno beats.

2. When after a 10 minute loooong powercut the music suddenly started to play again. The crowds loved it!!

3. The little beach area - just needs a puddling pool!!

4. To see the two chavs peeping over the wall from the outside - standing on their bicycles.

Although i couldnt stay till the end I m sure it was a full success (AGAIN) for the lo*kee crew. It is defnit on my 2-weekly agenda from now on. And in case it will rain - they have an indoor option too.

Click here for the gallery!

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