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Robot Love - Kinetica Art Fair '09

Yesterday I went to an amazing artfair called Kinetica. This is an MUST SEE annual event dedicated to kinetic, electronic and new media art - which means you see a lot of very inventive stuff that makes you wonder around in awe or just puts a smile on your face. You can see bizarre machines, 3D-television and some impressive light and sound installations.

One of the best ideas came from an artist called Chris O'Shea who developed an interactive light project - in which the spots of a few dozen red police lights installed on the floor where following your every step. People just turned into little kids walking around.

Giles Walker must have seen the Bjork-video with the kissing robots - of which his lapdancing and deejaying robots reminded me a lot . Maybe not as inventive as other work at the Kinetica but defnit one that everyone will remember.

But my favourite object of the exhibition was a robotic bird by the artist called Tim Lewis. The bird looked at the first glance like a small ostrich. But at the second glance you realised it was made of 3 robotic arms in form of human arms - two working as legs and one as the head. It walked and moved like a real bird. What impressed me was that although i knew it was an android - i felt immediately an emotional connection. It really made me think how easy it maybe one day will be to replace real pets with robots.

There are a lot of really clever ideas and projects which you will probably not see anywhere else. It is 100% worth £5 for the entrance.

But you gotta hurry it's only open til 2 March 09.

Venue: P3, 35 Marylebone Rd. London NW1 (just opposite Bakeloo Station), Open Monday: 9am-4pm

The music I used in the video comes from Cuebit - check out his beautiful tunes on

P.S.: For more info about the artists click on the following images!

Giles Walker's erotic Androids.

I loved this futuristic light installation by wrap3!

Chris O'Shea's light installation was a hit with the audience.

Peter Bosch and Simone Simons created by far the loudest art of the night: madly vibrating boxes.

Adrian Baynes' Wall of Eyes followed your every move.


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