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Is she okay?

Me and some mates found this lady frozen in a worringly weird position for quite a while when we walked into the backyard of a pub to catch some air.

When i say "a while" - it was for at least 3 or 4 minutes - which in this circumstance can be regarded as "quite a while" i find.

And when i say "frozen" i mean she really didnt move at all - like an obscure statue.

I just couldn't figure out what she was doing. For a few seconds i thought she was crying.

Or was she just REALLY fascinated by this patch of grass?

But she then somehow "woke-up" and moved and i could see that she was just making a phone call!

Which was all-in-all less weird, but still not comepletely un-weird. I mean that position was still awkward. Maybe that was the only spot in the whole garden where she had reception? What shitty network was that?!

Or does this position increase your concentration?

Maybe she was explaining her child at home how to have a poo?  And she was one of those people who need to demonstrate everything in order to explain it properly?

Do you know this woman? Does she always make phone calls in this position? Please tell me! I don't wanna die without having an explanation for this!!!

"Dangerous" Games

This is the thumb of someone I met at at a mate's stag do! I hope you can see the blister on it. He said he got it from playing too much play station. And when he said it was because he played the new Street Fighter game for days I had to laugh out loud. What a freaky time we live in - he got a "REAL" injury from a VIRTUAL fight!



13 Year Old Dad = Armageddon?

If you're from outside the UK you might not have heard this story. But then again you might have as I guess this is something the media in other countries would pick up big time. It is definitely a massive topic over here at the moment.

Now this morning i took a photo of the Evening Standard headline board (as i do almost every day - as you will see when i start posting these images as well) Anyway - a minute after taking this photo a young Muslim man came up to me and told me with a knowing smile that the prophet Mohammed has more than 1500 years ago (he actually told me the exact date - but i just forgot with my still half-asleep brain) predicted that the end of the world is neigh when a boy of the age 13 will father a child!

Now I m quite fond of those sorts of stories, especially with the next Armageddon date just around the corner. I m sure you all have heard already about the year 2012-end-of the world theory? (if not click here)

Anyways, does anyone know more about this prophecy I ve heard this morning? Please tell us!

Grannies with Trolleys

I uploaded a new/old project of mine - my favourite: Grannies with Trolleys. They are meant to be together. And I can't stop taking photos of those lovely ladies and their little partners.

Click here for more >>

V-Day on Broadway Market 

It was a very beautiful day. Valentine's Day. Me and my girlfriend decided to go to Broadway Market near Bethnal Green in the East End of London. A place I've only heard of a few weeks ago despite living in London for more 3 years.

The market is not big. But what it doesnt have in size it has in character. When you walk through the market street you feel a bit like being in a different time. Most  shops in the street are privatly owned and beatifully maintained by their owners. There are no hints of the usual big chaines. Hence every shop and pub and restaurant is an experience in itself. The market offers a mix of food and vintage clothes, designer items, ad second hand objects of all kind. And many treasures that really deserve to be discovered by yourself. It is one of the nicest things you can do on a Saturday in London.

And we didnt seem to be the only people who thought this way. I saw many families with children and dogs and a lot of young people, that some people might describe as a bit trendy and arty folks.

I truly recommend that you go there with a loved one, friends and family or even just alone with your camera. It's open every Saturday from 9am until 5pm. So it's perfect for a little relaxing and reenergising afternoon stroll after a long night out!



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